A relatively new program from Maxus, characterized by the 20x40cm format. Available in 27 recognizable "Maxus" colours in a matte or glossy surface. The MX40 is the equivalent of the MX30 and the well-known 15x30cm format. Also equivalent in terms of budget, despite the larger size.


  • PG-100 White
    PG-100 G Gloss
  • PM-120 White
    PM-120 M Matt
  • PG-210 Almond
    PG-210 G Gloss
  • PM-138 Sand
    PM-138 M Matt
  • PM-145 Taupe
    PM-145 M Matt
  • PM-345 Cotto
    PM-345 M Matt
  • PM-335 Suede
    PM-335 M Matt
  • PG-105 Cool Grey
    PG-105 G Gloss
  • PM-125 Cool Grey
    PM-125 M Matt
  • PG-110 Stone Grey
    PG-110 G Gloss
  • PM-140 Stone Grey
    PM-140 M Matt
  • PM-151 Titanium
    PM-151 M Matt
  • PM-155 Graphite
    PM-155 M Matt
  • PM-132 Iron Mat
    PM-132 M Matt
  • PG-114 Antraciet
    PG-114 G Gloss
  • PM-130 Antraciet
    PM-130 M Matt
  • PG-115 Black
    PG-115 G Gloss
  • PM-135 Black
    PM-135 M Matt
  • PG-615 Amber
    PG-615 G Gloss
  • PG-700 Carrot Orange
    PG-700 G Gloss
  • PG-400 Celeste
    PG-400 G Gloss
  • PG-405 Sky Blue
    PG-405 G Gloss
  • PG-420 Cobalt
    PG-420 G Gloss
  • PM-480 Teal
    PM-480 M Matt
  • PG-545 Apple Green
    PG-545 G Gloss
  • PM-555 Thyme
    PM-555 M Matt

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