MX50 consists of glossy and matt wall tiles in distinct and neutral colours. Moreover, the wall tile size of 20x50 centimeters ensures a strong spatial effect and the number of joints is reduced. Despite the striking dimensions, the MX50 is an accessible and compact collection that is widely applicable.


  • PG-100 White
    PG-100 G Gloss
  • PM-120 White
    PM-120 M Matt
  • PG-1013 Off White
    PG-1013 G Gloss
  • PM-1113 Off White
    PM-1113 M Matt
  • PG-1015 Cream
    PG-1015 G Gloss
  • PM-1115 Cream
    PM-1115 M Matt
  • PG-1014 Linen
    PG-1014 G Gloss
  • PM-1114 Cream
    PM-1114 M Matt
  • PG-7047 Pearl Grey
    PG-7047 G Gloss
  • PM-7147 Pearl Grey
    PM-7147 M Matt
  • PG-9006 Silver Grey
    PG-9006 G Gloss
  • PM-9106 Silver Grey
    PM-9106 M Matt
  • PG-7015 Antraciet
    PG-7015 G Gloss
  • PM-7115 Antraciet
    PM-7115 M Matt
  • PG-9011 Black
    PG-9011 G Gloss
  • PM-9111 Black
    PM-9111 M Matt
  • PG-8016 Mahogany
    PG-8016 G Gloss
  • PM-8116 Mahogany
    PM-8116 M Matt
  • PG-1018 Yellow
    PG-1018 G Gloss
  • PG-2003 Orange
    PG-2003 G Gloss
  • PG-3020 Red
    PG-3020 G Gloss
  • PG-3015 Rosa
    PG-3015 G Gloss
  • PG-4005 Lilac
    PG-4005 G Gloss
  • PG-5010 Gentian Blue
    PG-5010 G Gloss
  • PG-5012 Sky Blue
    PG-5012 G Gloss
  • PG-6018 Lime Green
    PG-6018 G Gloss

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