Our newest addition is the Maxus MX60! This program consists of various colored tiles in the 30x60cm format. With this new line we give you the opportunity to create unique tile designs.


  • PG-100 White
    PG-100 G Gloss
  • PM-120
    PM-120 M Matt
  • PG-105
    PG-105 G Gloss
  • PG-110
    PG-110 G Gloss
  • PG-114
    PG-114 G Gloss
  • PG-200
    PG-200 G Gloss
  • PG-545
    PG-545 G Gloss
  • PG-615
    PG-615 G Gloss
  • PG-700
    PG-700 G Gloss
  • PG-405
    PG-405 G Gloss

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