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About Maxus Ceramics

Maxus Ceramics is driven by a passion for ceramics. What options Maxus has to offer you?

Maxus wall and floor tiles are ideal for applications in social housing and utility projects, such as care, education and sports complexes. Our project references also show other application and design options.

With knowledge and experience we facilitate you in your search for a ceramic finish with an optimal balance between design and budget.

Colours & Dimensions

The colour palette is composed to design in different ambiences, as the application requires. A light uni colour as a base, combined with an appropriate accent colour. Or a combination of cold and warm colours, pastel tones or intensive signal colors. Colours have an important function in terms of association and orientation. In addition, colours are also mood makers and contribute to an image or brand experience. A wealth of possibilities is offered by Maxus to create and design from every starting point and to everybody’s wish.

The ceramic tiles from Maxus are available in several consistent dimensions. Modular properties give room to combine with dimensions and / or colours to create figures, patterns, themes.

In short, create / design a unique, creative and surprising image of changing colours and or formats using Maxus Ceramics.



Maxus takes full advantage of what nature has to offer in beautiful materials. At the same time, this gives us the responsibility to handle this precious nature with care. That is why we do everything we can to organize our business processes as sustainable as possible in the areas of energy savings, use of recycled or recyclable materials, and reduction of emissions. The environment is one of the biggest concerns of our manufacturer as well. They have an EPD Certificate in accordance with the Cradle-to-Cradle principle.

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Maxus Wall Tiles

Maxus wall tiles are pressed dry, have a white shard as a base and are glazed. We distinguish two types of glaze, the percentage of glass determines the level of gloss resulting in a matte or glossy surface. The glossy and matte tiles have a high-quality glaze layer which ensures uniform colours. Both surfaces can be found in an extensive colour palette.A range of rustic hand-made tiles is also coordinated with this colour palette. Available in a glossy or matte surface in four suitable sizes. A much-requested colour palette is also available as a facet tile, the so-called metro tile.

In addition, Maxus distinguishes more exclusive finishes, namely a hand-glazed finish. This manual operation provides a nuanced colour image. The rich glaze finish contributes to a special colour and surface-experience.



Maxus has six different surface finishes within the various wall and floor tile programs. The Radix and Dimensions floor tiles have a flat (R10) and a relief (R11) surface, indicated by a "V" or an "R". The different surface finishes within the individual collections can be perfectly combined in one surface.
The colourful basic wall tiles of the Radix, MX30, MX40 and MX50 collections have a glossy or matte surface, indicated by a "G" or an "M".
The Metro wall tile range has a glossy surface in combination with a characteristic facet edge.
The Watercolours program is characterized by a glossy finish combined with a handmade aesthetic. The result is an elegant surface with a depth effect.

Custom solutions

Every project / design is unique and requires specific wishes. Maxus has many options regarding ceramic wall and floor tiles to meet your requirements. In addition, we are also offering options to have products specially made to measure. Like Colours on Demand to meet your wishes when it comes down to a specific colour scheme. Available in a matte or glossy surface.

A translation of a brand core into a visual and tangible product in which co-creation is the starting point. That is our approach when it comes to corporate solutions. A collaboration in which factors such as design, budget and process come together and are translated into a ceramic surface with the right identity.

With knowledge, passion and expertise we help and relieve you with complex or challenging issues. What challenge do you have for us?

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